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Private Investigators investigate business searches, collections, fraud and search for adoptive mothers

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California Private Investigators sell spy equipment, investigations equipment    Libidinous Liaison  Private Investigators is owned and operated by Intelligent Investigative Services, a Licensed California Private Investigative Agency.  Our clients are typically Attorneys, Insurance Corporations and other companies who need fast action. Our Private Investigators operate statewide and access Investigators in all fifty states and worldwide.
  • My client was embezzled.

This company grossed fifty-five million dollars per year and was in the process of trying to sell itself to another entity.

Our client discovered the scam while having lunch with a Banker friend of his, who thanked him for opening a Business Account at his bank. My client assured the banker he did no such thing.

My client reported the embezzlement to the Police, who did nothing to help them.

Our investigations determined that their receptionist was opening the mail and passing client checks to a confederate. This Criminal filed a fictitious business statement (e.g., John Doe dba IBM), which enabled him to open a bank account in my client's name and deposit the monies into his own account.

I notified the bank and told them to let me know when there was activity on the account. Shortly thereafter, the Criminal called the bank to ask why they had not cleared a 55K check. I told the bank to tell him to come in and sign the check so he could get the funds. I parked outside the bank and the Criminal parked next to my car. He was a Jamaican, obviously, with Rasta Hair and Beads. I told the bank by cell phone to stall him and to call the Police and report the crime in progress, figuring the Police would respond to a Bank calling in a crime...

The Criminal smelled a Rat, jumped into his car and drove away... with me in hot pursuit. All the while I stayed on the phone with the Bank officials who were on the phone with the police. The Miscreant saw me following them in his rear view mirror and became decidedly nervous. The bank relayed my position to the police, who eventually pulled over the Criminal.

My job was finished. The client gave me a nice bonus.

  • Lost...and Found.

Many years ago, in a Beach City, a woman, let's call her a Bavarian Countess (it was not Bavaria) hired me to find her husband..who had run away with his twenty year old medical receptionist. She previously hired two other investigators, who had produced nothing. He left her with several million dollars in debt.

I found an investment in an energy company he had, and, through an interesting phone call, was able to get his mailing address ... a Post Office Box on the East Coast. I called the Box, and, again, through a great phone persuasion, was able to obtain the phone number of the parents of the girl with whom the subject had fled. I called her parents, and, through other techniques, obtained his phone number and address... on the French Riviera.

Needless to say, when he was served with papers...he was greatly surprised.

  • Libidinous Liaison

The phone rings in the middle of the night... I am talking 4:00 a.m. This is a new client, concerned that his wife is engaging in Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. I arrive dat his house an hour later, at 5:00 a.m.

Just then, his wife emerges, gets in her car, pulls out and drives down the LA street like a bat of Hades. There was not much traffic, making it extremely difficult to follow her at that speed without her detecting that she was being followed.

She pulled into a Motel and received a key from the front desk. I sat in the parking lot, watching a steady stream of men (almost hourly), enter and leave the room. I now understood the expensive sports car she had. She had multiple clients, all for money. Then, the pimp shows up...

Needless to say, the Client was not happy. The Divorce was Epic.

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22287 Mulholland Hwy, #273 Calabasas CA 91302 License #16729CA
Ph: (818) 844-6044 (24 hr)

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