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CaliforniaSpy.com Private Investigators is owned and operated by Intelligent Investigative Services, a Licensed California Private Investigative Agency. Our clients are typically Attorneys, Insurance Corporations and other companies who need fast action. Our Private Investigators operate statewide and access Investigators in all fifty states and worldwide.

While our company was founded in 1991, President Chuck Noyes has thirty years of skip tracing and asset search experience. He is a certified Private Investigator who also owns a Collection Agency that has collected both commercial and retail debt for thirty years. We have a strong grounding in business and have worked closely with most types of clients.

Our Skip Trace programs find skips fast.

If your need is urgent, we will move heaven and earth to locate your skip within your deadline. Our clients tell us that CaliforniaSpy.com has the fastest skip tracers in the business.

We locate real property within California and nationwide.

Our Private Investigators uncover hidden assets such as bank accounts, stocks and bonds, moneys owed and other assets. We comply at all times with the Graham Leach Bliley amendment and applicable state, federal and local laws.

We conduct Due Diligence searches quickly and professionally.

We provide declarations for use in court to obtain Service by Publication.

We also help with heir and estate problems relating to Service of Process.

We find heirs for attorneys and relatives.

These searches can be simple or quite involved, depending upon the circumstances, number of relatives and known names. Of course, we provide Due Diligence searches as needed.

We locate missing persons with speed and sensitivity.

We mobilize and enlist investigators in California and throughout the nation to conduct searches when time is of the essence. We solve most of our missing persons cases using only one or two people.

While we cannot always guarantee that we will find the missing person (although sometimes we do provide guarantees), we employ every reasonable search method within time and financial limitations.

We conduct rush searches when time is running out.

Do you have a statute problem or a relative with a medical disorder? We can assign an investigator to your problem at once.

We provide investigations equipment.

We caution you to obey all applicable state, federal and local laws while using such equipment; we can help you locate attorneys who can advise you whether such usage is legal.

We will shortly post our online catalogue of spy equipment. In the meantime, please contact us directly with your questions.

We install GPS equipment as allowed by State and Federal Law.

We offer statewide service of process and serve difficult defendants.

Some counties where we serve process include Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside County, and San Bernadino County.

We also skip trace defendants if necessary.

Our Private Investigators locate counterfeit goods .

We purchase all manner of counterfeit goods for informational purposes or to comply with a court order or injunction. We also investigate piracy issues.

Identity Theft.

Let us investigate these criminals for you. We will help you with your complaint to the proper law enforcement authorities by providing a declaration as to our search, which you can use with both law enforcement and your creditors.

This process should help expedite the process of straightening out problems with creditors. We own a Commercial Collection Agency and are well-versed in credit issues.

Homeland Security.

Our nationwide agents assist in investigations, even when it’s just a knock on a door.

We can take photos anywhere in the country while complying with applicable laws.

We also specialize in debt collection.

We have extensive experience with liquidating debts and are experts in the lawful art of debt collection. We can help.

Let us help you recover your stolen artwork.

We will shortly be introducing a Stolen Art Registry. Please contact us if you wish to report and add your stolen artwork to our registry.